neurologists In Jaipur

Doctor. Prashant Singh can be a leading Neurologist in Rajasthan, identified for his great experience inside the industry of Neurology, with special interest in neurology and stroke cure. From its inception, the Top Hospital in Jaipur has had steps that were huge inside the discipline of medical care to become one of the favored and known hospitals within the Pink area. With top quality structure
Neurologist doctor in Jaipur and superiority in several medical specialties, this hospital even offers of being in near location of airport rendering it a favorite alternative for people that are exterior also, the advantage. He is a full-period guide at Soni Manipal Hospital in Jaipur, along with visiting specialist at various other famous hospitals of the town.

After completing his consultant qualification in Child Neurology he had attacked fellowship in famous Institute in General Hospital in Glasgow this season. Inspite of being absent for 9 decades, he had often wished to return to contribute with neurological issues to the attention of our little individuals. Consequently in Mumbai Dr Jain had registered as being a Guide in Neurology in renowned Hospital on his return.

He’s likewise acquired expertise in UK Midlands etc, from Princess Alexandra Hospital West Hospital,Manchester; Wycombe General Hospital, Manchester Cross London Hospital to mention afew. He is dedicated in order to enhance patient-care, to evolving the industry of Child Neurology in Asia and is still actively involved with child neurology investigation, coaching, and training.

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